• Marta Minujin
  • Alexander Alberro
  • Catherine Morris
  • Gabriela Rangel
  • Edward J. Sullivan

This panel discussion on the Argentine conceptualist and performance artist and cultural icon Marta Minujín and her new book MINUCODEs featured the artist in conversation with Alexander Alberro (Barnard College/Columbia University) and Catherine Morris (Sackler Family Curator, Brooklyn Museum). The conversation was moderated by Gabriela Rangel (Americas Society) following introductions by Edward J. Sullivan.

The Latin American Forum is a series of public lectures about the arts of the Americas, supported by ISLAA. These talks, interviews, and conversations with artists, curators, and scholars promote the advanced understanding of modern and contemporary Latin American and Caribbean art. As a conversational space for the creation of knowledge, it aims to build bridges that allow the exchange of ideas, resources, and methods within the field. Established by ISLAA and The Institute of Fine Arts in 2011, the Latin American Forum is held regularly at The Institute of Fine Arts, NYU, throughout the academic year in different formats, including panel discussions, conversations, and lectures. It is coordinated by Edward J. Sullivan and organized by graduate students.

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