Feliciano Centurión

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Book cover for the exhibition publication depicting a painting of animal legs on quilted fabric.
  • Feliciano Centurión
  • Aimé Iglesias Lukin
  • Karen Marta

200 pages
8 × 10 in.
ISBN 9781879128460

This is the first monograph ever published on the life and work of Paraguayan artist Feliciano Centurión (b. 1966). Through textile pieces that incorporate folk techniques and a fantastic visual imaginary, Centurión created works that explored his youth in the tropics, his friendships and love in 1990s Buenos Aires, and his spiritual reflections before his untimely death. Edited by Aimé Iglesias Lukin and Karen Marta, this fully illustrated hardcover volume includes texts by Ticio Escobar, Jimena Ferreiro, Jorge Gumier Maier, Aimé Iglesias Lukin, Francisco Lemus, and Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro and reproduces more than eighty of Centurión’s key works along with numerous details and archival material. Feliciano Centurión was published on the occasion of the exhibition Feliciano Centurión: Abrigo at Americas Society.


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