• Rebeca Barquera
  • Caroline Alciones de Oliveira Leite
  • Bernardo Mosqueira
  • Blanca Serrano Ortiz de Solórzano



56 pages

ISBN (print) 9781952136108
ISBN (e-book) 9781952136115

Vistas 7—Touch, Taste, Turn: Unleashing the Senses in the Arts of the Americas focuses on the development of multisensorial experiences within the arts and visual cultures of Latin America according to transforming epistemologies of nationality, race, and gender. This issue is dedicated to the Fifth Annual Symposium of Latin American Art.

ISLAA’s support for the Annual Symposium of Latin American Art extends to its publication Vistas. Every year, a selection of papers presented at the Annual Symposium is published in a dedicated journal issue published by ISLAA. Vistas is a vital complement to the Annual Symposium as well as a compendium of promising and energetic new research.


Vistas: Critical Approaches to Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art is a platform for emerging scholars and graduate students working on Latin American art to share their research. The essays published in Vistas emerge from academic programming supported by ISLAA, primarily in partnership with universities. Vistas reflects the vitality and heterogeneity of Latin American art and art history, in line with ISLAA's mission to advance scholarship in this field and support future generations of experts on Latin American art.

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