Sep 15, 2020

The Institute of Fine Arts, NYU

  • Anna Ficek
  • Angela Brown

Anna Ficek, PhD candidate in art history, CUNY Graduate Center
“Picturing the Péruvienne: The Exotic and Erotic in the Illustrations to Mme. de Graffigny’s Lettres d’une Péruvienne

Angela Brown, PhD student in art history, Princeton University
“Miming the Unseen: Afro-Boricua Improvisation in Atibón, Ogú, Erzulí, 1979”

South and About! is a student-organized research workshop on the arts from Latin America and the Caribbean, supported by ISLAA. This program invites graduate students and emerging scholars in art history and related disciplines to participate in informal discussions among their peers. The thematic focus is broad and welcomes interdisciplinary methodological approaches, including, but not limited to, temporal and geographic proposals of an innovative nature. The workshop seeks to foster and strengthen further interconnections within research communities via creative intellectual exchanges. Established by ISLAA and The Institute of Fine Arts in 2017, South and About! happens twice every semester and takes place at The Institute of Fine Arts, NYU. Speakers are selected by the student organizers.

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