Sep 23–Sep 25, 2022

University of Pittsburgh

  • Ana María Reyes

The first ISLAA Forum: Living Histories of Latin American Art was organized in Pittsburgh around the opening of the 58th Carnegie International, and featured Ana María Reyes, author of The Politics of Taste, as invited speaker.

At The Carnegie Museum of Art participants had the chance to study several works on loan from the Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende, and to learn about Poema Colectivo Revolución. They also attended the opening of the exhibition Andy Warhol's Social Network: Interview, Television, and Portraits at The Andy Warhol Museum.

The graduate seminar focused on methodology and new directions in the field of Latinx and Latin American art history, and included a professional development discussion.

The ISLAA Forum: Living Histories of Latin American Art aims to expand collaborative relationships by long-term partnerships between universities outside the New York metropolitan area. The goal is for graduate students studying Latin American art to foster connections and solidarity across potential disparities in resource accessibility and distribution for specialists in this field. The ISLAA Forum further extends support to these networks of exchange by developing targeted programs for professional and intellectual enrichment.

Program poster displaying event information and depicting the following artwork: Juan Carlos Romero (Argentina), Untitled contribution to Poema Colectivo Revolución by Colectivo 3 (César Espinosa, Aarón Flores, Blanca Noval Vilar, and Araceli Zúñiga), 1981–83. © the artist.

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