Duke House Exhibition Series

Feb 23–Feb 24, 2022

Institute of Fine Arts

  • Clara Maria Apostolatos
  • Martina Lentino
  • Nicasia Solano
  • Juul Van Haver
  • Edward J. Sullivan
Art Movements
  • Informalism

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Duke House Exhibition Series curators discuss Argentine artists Kenneth Kemble and Silvia Torras, the subjects of their Spring 2022 exhibition at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. This exhibition, Kenneth Kemble and Silvia Torras: The Formative Years, 1956–63, explores the artists' engagement with Informalism, an abstract painting movement whose global counterparts include Arte Povera in Italy and Gutai in Japan.

Moderated by Edward J. Sullivan, the roundtable event will shed light on the curators' original archival research undertaken at ISLAA over the course of several months. With introductions by Christine Poggi, Edward J. Sullivan, and Lucy Hunter.

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New York, NY 10075

Tue–Fri: 12–6 PM

Sat–Mon: Closed

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