Hans Ulrich Obrist et al.

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  • Hans Ulrich Obrist
  • César Paternosto
  • Lucy R. Lippard

112 pages
5 × 7 in.
ISBN 978-2-490505-14-2

ISLAA is a proud supporter of Hans Ulrich Obrist and César Paternosto: Interview, published by Manuella Éditions.

Publisher's Description
Featuring an introduction by critic Lucy R. Lippard and a conversation between curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and painter, sculptor, and theorist César Paternosto, Hans Ulrich Obrist and César Paternosto: Interview illuminates the artist’s groundbreaking career. Discussing his work with passion and sincerity, Paternosto narrates his lifelong commitment to abstraction, from his beginnings in Art Informel to his development of a radical form of geometric abstraction and recent public art projects. The interview also sheds light on the profound influence of the ancient arts of the Americas on his output, advancing a better understanding of Paternosto’s immense contributions to postwar and contemporary art.


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