• Rosângela Rennó
  • Thyago Nogueira
  • Mapa Teatro
  • Claire Bishop
  • Ana Luiza de Abreu Claudio
  • Luise Malmaceda

Since its inception as a place and a concept, Latin America has been grappling with ways in which to construct and divide the real. Real myths and histories, real identities and communities, real nations and citizens were often created and solidified through fiction. Seldom understood as the opposite of reality, fiction functioned (and still does) uniquely in Latin America as a tool—for interpretation, planning, and execution. This blurring of the traditional opposition between reality and fiction has, consequently, been productively explored and exploited in the region by both art and politics.

The Columbia University — ISLAA Colloquium will gather contemporary artists and scholars that embrace and explore this understanding of fiction and its utility. We will consider practices that engage with fragments of the real, appropriate them and, through fiction, stitch those fragments together to (re)construct a new version of reality, proposing new parcellations of it. Often, these works react to the furious debates about factuality that have been altering notions of the common in Latin America, and enact stark critiques of arguably oppressive historical fictions—proposing affect-imbued versions of the real and its demarcations.

Invited participants will engage with scholars (both faculty and graduate students) to discuss their work as it interacts tangentially with politics, obliquely intervening it through the (re)construction of history, identity, and communities.

Panel 1

Rosângela Rennó and Thyago Nogueira, moderated by Ana Luiza de Abreu Claudio

Panel 2

Mapa Teatro and Claire Bishop, moderated by Luise Malmaceda

Organized by Alexander Alberro and Jerónimo Duarte-Riascos

Both panels will take place in-person at Schermerhorn 807, Columbia University

The edited video recording of the first panel is available on ISLAA's Youtube channel

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