• Anna Bella Geiger
  • Elize Mazadiego
Art Movements
  • Conceptualism

Tuesday, February 7, 2023
5:00 PM EST


Please join us for a live online conversation between artist Anna Bella Geiger and art historian Elize Mazadiego on the complex and varied role of mapping in Geiger’s work.

Over five decades, Anna Bella Geiger (Brazilian, b. 1933) has adopted the visual language of cartography to examine international power dynamics, sociopolitical issues, and cultural identity. From her altered Mercator projections to drawings that trace the outline of Brazil’s borders, she has exposed how the legacies of colonization and oppression have shaped everyday life, perception, and the global currents of the art world. While works such as O pão nosso de cada dia (1978) allude to the political residues of colonialism in Latin America, her early videos Passagens 1 and Passagens 2 (both 1974) used the body to convey the subjective aspects of navigating physical space, from perspective to positioning.

This event is organized in conjunction with the exhibition Political/Subjective Maps: Anna Bella Geiger, Magali Lara, Lea Lublin, and Margarita Paksa at the Institute for Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA). The conversation will take place in English and will be hosted on Zoom, and a recording will be made available online after the event.


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