Julio Grinblatt

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Arta Ediciones

Photograph of a book by Julio Grinblatt positioned upright against a blue background.
  • Julio Grinblatt

218 pages
7 7/8 × 9 1/2 in.
ISBN 9789874661357

ISLAA is a proud supporter of Usos de la fotografía VII: Fotos, published by Arta Ediciones.

This volume assembles eighty-three photographs by Argentine artist Julio Grinblatt based on a series of portrait appointments conducted in Buenos Aires. When Grinblatt’s sitters—many of them prominent Latin American artists—entered his studio, they found a space emptied of all but a table with nine hundred black-and-white photos, comprising an assembly from the artist’s thirty-year archive. Grinblatt captures his subjects handling these photos with white gloves. The result is a visual essay and a compendium of the contemporary art canon of Latin America and beyond. Accompanying these black-and-white photographs are two essays by Verónica Tell and artist Mónica Giron. This book is published in Spanish and English in a limited edition of five hundred sealed copies, twenty-five of which are signed by the artist.


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